The Magic Of A 10 Minute Alarm Advance

Getting up early or on time is a considerable task for a major part of the population. While some part of the population does it with ease, others keep trying to do it their whole life. You may invest in the smartest alarm clocks or get your roommate to call you or have your dog lick your face early morning but the results remain the same, turning up late. Think this is an endless cycle? Well, there is more to it that you can work on. The most beneficial being setting your alarm clock 10 minutes before your intended time of waking up.
It is a magic mantra practiced by several and it leads to surprising results. Wonder how can set your alarm ahead by 10 minutes matter? Here are a few clues for you.

1. Your body gets a heads up to wake up 10 minutes earlier which means it gets the 10-minute window to get ready to get out of bed.

2. It gives you an extra 10 minutes to snooze. We all like to scrounge for an extra 10- minutes of sleep and setting your alarm ahead by 10 minutes does just that.

3. Your body clocks set by 10 minutes letting you wake up with ease instead of a hurry.

This technique can be used for those looking to wake up by 30 minutes or before. Doing it at one go might be hard but taking it 10 minutes at a time is the clue. Once you get used to the routine you will be surprised by how much chores or workout you are able to squeeze in, in that 10 minutes. This is a habit in the making and may take some time for you to master. But give it some time and you will be surprised by the benefits of not seeing your boss with a grumpy face the early morning. However, at the end of the day, it will eventually come down to you resisting the snooze button.

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