3 Smart Ingredients For A Squeaky Clean Mirror

In the rush of our daily lives, there are very few moments when we get to gaze at ourselves. Most of the time, it is before the final dash in the morning or late at night before bed. Mirrors may not be the most used item in our homes nevertheless, they are needed every once in a while. Despite their little need, they remain one of the most unclean surfaces. Now are you wondering when the last time you cleaned your mirror was? Chances are you missed it during your weekend cleaning but that is just being human.

As a person who likes to puts minimal effort into cleaning, the mirror is the last thing I clean, sometimes with a dry cloth for the dust or the wet cloth I cleaned other surfaces with. The sad side to doing it is the water stain it leaves behind. A spotted reflection on the mirror is the last thing you want to see when leaving the house. Here are a few quick ways to squeaky clean mirrors or glass surfaces.

Invest on a glass cleaner

This is a simple one time investment and it goes a long way into making your glass look sparkly clean. They are easy to use and fast to act and can be used for cleaning multiple surfaces including your laptop or television screen. The best way to get to the most of these cleaners it to pair them with a microfiber cloth. You can put your cotton rag to peace as a microfiber cloth does not leave behind lint like cotton.

Go back to your kitchen

Vinegar is a silent all rounder when it comes to cleaning. Mix one part of vinegar with one part of water and you have an excellent mirror cleaner at your disposable if you do not intent to invest on one. While it may leave a bit of its acidic smell, it will go away in some time.

Rub it away with rubbing alcohol

If you are not big on sprays or vinegar then your medicine cabinet will have the magic ingredient, rubbing alcohol. Simply dab it on your mirror and you will have cleaned it in a few seconds.

These are just a few ways of getting a clean mirror in a few minutes. The best practice however, it to dab on it every day so that it does not get stained by water, toothpaste, hairspray and others.

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