5 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your App Based Workout

Being fit has become the agenda of most millennials. While some actively hit the gym to keep in shape, others like me, aspire to do it someday. For those with limited time on their hand to hit the gym, working out at home is a more feasible option.  But most often than not, a routine is what we lack, in that case, technology or most importantly, the app store on your phone can come to your help. Both Google and Apple app store is flooded with free exercising apps. Most of them offer free trial runs for a month. Under their 30 day to flat belly challenge, they offer strict discipline required for working out to reach your body goal. Here are a few ways to mastering an app based weight loss challenge.

Stick to the routine

The best part about following a workout app is that it makes you stick to a routine. You can set alarm at a convenient time and it will alert you. The diligence, however, lies on your part. It is your initiative that is going to make the entire regime bear its fruit.

Take it one step at a time

These apps are based on muscle and stamina development. If you are a beginner then begin with the basics as instructed by the app. After a point you may feel that 15 crunches have got easy for you but wait for a while, chances are that after a few days, the app will automatically increase it to 20 and there you will have your real challenge. Do not over do the exercises as this may lead to muscle cramps.

Keep away from junk food

The app is going to help you develop your stamina but that does not mean that you do not control your food consumption. While it is advisable not to starve yourself, you will have to cut out junk food to get the best benefits of the work out.

Mix it up

Some of these apps are dedicated to particular portions of the body like abs, legs or cardio. If you feel like you are not getting enough from one app, you can always mix it up with another. This, however, should be based on your stamina.

Get back on the horse soon

We are all humans, which means every once in a while, we will not feel like working out. This is acceptable but do remember to give yourself not longer than two day breaks from exercising. The real mantra lies in getting back on the horse as soon as you can.

An app based workout, when followed through with determination, is sure to give you the same benefits of a gym in the comfort of your home. But the only person motivating you will be just you.

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