To TV or not TV?

There is no dearth of the source of entertainment when it comes to the present decade. We are spoilt for choice as to how to best spend our limited free time. This fact is reflected every time we are confused about which movie to go to or which series to binge on. Choosing is just one part of the dilemma. The bigger decision lies when you move to a new apartment and wonder if it is time for you to finally get your own TV. To TV or not TV is the larger question.

We all grew up with the device. From cartoons to soaps to football matches, the idiot box has it all. But once you shifted out of your home and started on the college to adulthood journey, a TV set figured less and less in your life. When you finally have an apartment to yourself or with your partner or spouse, you wonder if it is time to bring it back.
After the internet boom, the TV no longer stands as the sole only device to bring the world to your living room. The internet does it with more efficiency and variety. From never having to wait to watch a show at a particular time to a wider number of programmes to choose from, the internet beats a TV fabulously. Yet again it is not so easy to dismiss a TV.

If you are not a fan of going to the theatre for a movie then a television provides you the option of watching it at home, on a relatively wider screen than your laptop. A midnight football match gets the right enthusiasm when you feel every kick on the widescreen. The bliss of playing on your Play Station can only be granted by a TV.

A TV comes with added costs of a television set and a dish TV connection. The costs would be over and above your regular internet costs. These additional expenditures get canceled when you opt for online streaming but if you feel like you may be able to afford it and have too much of a TV hangover then go ahead. After all, it is only you who can best decide how to entertain yourself.

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