4 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Work Commute

Work commute is possibly the most unproductive time of our day. Yet, you will be surprised at how many hours of our week we spend on work commute. No matter how long or short the commute may be, it still takes time and goes into us doing nothing much. In a life where we scourge to find the time, our work commute can be an easy time spending we can tap. But there is an easy solution to a -never-have-enough time woes. Wondering how you can do it? Here are few ways to put it to use.


reading while commuting

There is never enough time to read the bookmarked links in your phone. While traveling, it may be a good time to finally go back to them. Even if you are not much of a digital reader, you can always grab a newspaper before you leave home to keep you busy on the bus. Even a book counts though continuous jerks may not let you read in peace. A good alternative to physical books is audio books. Plug your headphones and you are ready to enter the world of fiction. You may not get to read at length if you have a short commute of 20 minutes but that will still take you a step closer to finishing the book.


writing while commuting

We all harbor a writer in us. Keeping a daily log or diary is possibly the closest some of us gets to writing. More often than not, we don’t find the time to pen our thoughts. Established writers suggest that writing in the morning is the most productive way to get the best out of it. As man or woman with a 10-5 job, we don’t have the leisure of penning our thoughts first thing in the morning, a work commute, on the other hand, provides a bigger window. This is, however, is subject to the fact that you get a seat in the bus or metro.

Call up people

talking while commuting

I hate calling up people in my lone time. For calls necessary to be made, schedule them during your commute. Got to order food or a call to your landlord, keep these impersonal calls scheduled during your travel as long as you get a decent connection.


watching while commuting.jpg

In our tedious work schedules, all of us strive to find more time to be able to watch the series we have been waiting to watch for a long time. While you may have wanted to do it in the comfort of your sofa, we don’t always get to do it. However, you can always catch it during your commute. It might take you two days to finish an episode but you will finish it nevertheless.

These are just a few ways of getting the best out of your commute. You can always add your imagination and expand on how you spend it. Even gazing at people works.

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