Can living with a roommate who cooks really benefit?

Living with a roommate has its own set of perks and irks. While living with them, we get to see both their fun and gloomy sides and they all bring new skills to our lives. Cooking is a much-coveted skill. In my history of roommates, I have come across ones that loved cooking and ones that detested it. There are advantages and disadvantages to living with both. Here’s a look at how living with either of these roommates helps or hinders your living.

Living with the one who cooks 

It is always nice to come to a house smelling of fresh brownies. At home, you may have never had such an opportunity but with a roommate who cooks, you are sure to get these happy surprises. A large part of my roommate experience saw me coming home to this, including experimental breakfasts on weekends. You will never run out of good food to eat when you live with someone who loves cooking. This however, is not to be taken for granted as every once in a while they too expect to be cooked for even if it is just Maggi. If you are someone who likes to cook as well then the kitchen becomes a bonding ground. For the other category, you have been blessed.

Living with the one who does not cook 

Just like living with someone who cooks has its benefits, so does the opposite. You may not get home cooked food but you are sure to know the best restaurants around both expensive and inexpensive. At the end of the day or month, we are all in search of a fast and moderately priced take away. A person who does not cook is a treasure trove of such information.

If you do end up in a co-living situation where none of you can cook then it becomes a opportunity for exploring and discovering your skills. Cooking after all is the art of making what your heart desires best.

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