Spending the monsoons with a roommate

When living with another person you experience every season together. Every season, be it winter, summer or monsoon lets you discover each other. You,  all the while get to discover how each of you responds to each season. In summers it may be racing to be near the fridge while in winter it may be basking in the sun, whatever may be your choice it is fun to do it together. Monsoons are one such fun season.

The rains may mean romance for some but for those living away from family, it mostly consists of going to office wet, dipping your feet in muddy puddles and hoping your umbrella does not break. When you are with your roommate, however, these can turn out to be fun by getting to stay home and be lazy during rain checks. Make it a movie marathon or a cooking session. Being together will only make the thundering more bearable. Getting wet on the terrace also counts if both are up for it.

Not everyone likes the pitter patter, in that case, be ready to see your roommate run indoors every time it pours. Respect their choice and let them watch from inside while you go around getting wet on your terrace in the rain. Not everyone has to enjoy the waterworks, they may prefer to be cozy and dry instead.

Getting wet in the rain may not be everyone’s cup of tea but sharing a cup of tea is must with your roommate while it is drizzling outside. Food during monsoon is a comfort and that can only happen in the warmth of your home and in the company of your roommate. So share the samosa and pakora with a few gossip and giggles and you have seen that the sky does not feel so gloomy again.

The rains are a season to relish for they don’t last long but spending it with a roommate makes it a new affair altogether.

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