Does working out with your roommate have an advantage?

In our busy lives, we all struggle to keep up with goals like socializing, sleeping, working out, cooking, maintaining our hobbies and others. Finding time for each of these needs judicious control of every second of our life. While keeping up with friends requires less effort, finding time to sleep also figures in varying quantities, however, working out may not be all that simple to fit in our routines. Keeping ourselves motivated to hit the gym is probably one of the biggest tests of willpower but the best part of this is that the syllabus can get divided if you include a roommate in your workout routine. Wondering how to do it? Here are a few ways:

Go for a run together

run together

The best part of including a roommate in your work out is having someone to do it with you. So go out for a job or run together. Even if one of you feel gloomy, there will always be the other one to push. Keeping motivation levels high gets easier when there are two of you. Running together eventually helps keep your running shoes clean by not letting the dust settle on them.

Get a gym membership together

friendsgyming together

If you feel running together may not be an easy way for the two of you due to your love for sleep then simply get a gym membership together. Putting down money in the workout, for the most part, does act as a motivator to do it together and you end up doubling your chances of hitting the gym. It can get even better if you hit the gym at the same time.

Time your home workout together

working out together

Weekends are days to cut yourself some slack. You and your roommate may unanimously not want to go out for a run or to the gym. We all go through those days, so do you break your routine? Not necessarily. Work out at home instead. Download an app and break a sweat. You can even jazz it up by skipping the crunches and push-ups and instead get to intense dancing. Add fun to your exercises and you will never see them as a burden.

Two is always better than one when it comes to workouts for every once in a while, we all need someone to pull us when we are slipping. So make workouts a roommate bonding thing and you will be surprised at how your number of missed days at gym decrease.

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