Scoring the perfect World Cup match with your roommate

What happens when you take the world’s most favorite game and club it with a busy work schedule? A missed Ronaldo kick you will not get to see for another four years. This seems to be the case for most adults missing out on the FIFA World Cup. Away from home in a strange city, we are all struggling to watch the nail-biting matches being played each day. Snippets and statuses shared on social media barely make for the entire experience of a World Cup. I am not a sports fan but the world cup is an exception in terms of the memories it creates. I miss watching it with my family late at night but there can be a replacement.

Roommates come to be the closest thing possible to a family when you live alone. It is only fair that you share the experience with them. If you are lucky, you might even be supporting the same team. The best part of doing it together is that you get to enjoy the game in the comfort of your home. Here are a few quick ways to spruce up every match.

Bring the beer: Make one person in-charge of drinks so that you can wind down at the end of a day while sipping chilled beer.

Keep the food minimal: You don’t want to miss a goal or penalty kick just because you were cooking. Keep the match days as exceptions when you finally grant yourself a cheat day. Bring on the pizza and fries and cheer on.

Dress it up: The best part of watching a match with your roommate is not having to get out of your house. So you can wear anything from stale pajamas to your favorite Jersey. The choice is yours. Want to go that extra mile? Paint your face and make your roommate do the same this all comes with the bliss of not having to be judged by people on road.

Keep your phones away: If you want to make it evenings of uninterrupted fun then keep your phones away. Lay down a few house rules of no phone, no iPad to make sure you get to enjoy the match sans distractions.

Whatever be your way of enjoying the World Cup this year, make sure you get to spend it with your roommate. You will be surprised at the fun scorecard!

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