No time for breakfast? Welcome to the breakfast grabbers club!

Mornings are when laziness hits us best. The epic task of getting out of bed in exchange for a few more minutes in it requires great willpower and mental negotiations between the heart and the alarm clock. While we overcome this great struggle, there are always a few casualties. A missed newspaper reading session, a forgotten cup of herbal tea or your breakfast. Mostly it is breakfast we ignore first when making the final dash to get to work on time. I did it multiple times and have learnt my lessons in the form of a grumbling stomach during a meeting. Nevertheless, we all learn our lessons fast and I knew that being a ‘breakfast grabber‘ could be a great solution.

Breakfast grabbing essentially means having your breakfast en route to work and not sitting down. Munch a sandwich on the metro or bite an apple in the bus, you can do it anywhere and kill your hunger. Here a few quick breakfasts grabbing recipes to try:



The ultimate breakfast meal is a sandwich. The wonder of slamming two pieces of bread with some of your favorite things thrown in the middle makes for the ultimate grab and run breakfast meal. If you plan on making this your daily meal then be sure to switch to a better quality of bread and replace the regular butter or choco spread for margarine.



These have become the ultimate millennial breakfast option. It is especially beneficial when you have no time to chew your food. Funky flasks and mason jars have become interesting statement carriers for your smoothies. Add a few fruits and mix it with milk to make a power drink to energize you through the day.



If you are particular about your health even while skipping breakfast then fruits can make up for you every day. Grab an apple before you dash out of your home and you are sure to keep junk food away for a while. You can also consume it as juice but carton juices are best avoided because of added sugar. However, this may not necessarily fill you up for long so follow it up with solid food later.

Energy bars:

energy bar

These are the ultimate lazy person’s option for breakfast. If you don’t mind the added sugar and cost then they do good but are best avoided for continuous consumption.

Monotonous meals rarely make for pleasant fun meals so mix up all these options and you are sure to have aced the grab and run breakfast meal trend.

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