Spending Christmas with your roommate

Why you shouldn’t be sad about not going away for the holidays ?

Christmas is around the corner and not all of us are fortunate enough to get to spend it with our family. While it is disheartening to see your colleagues pack their bags and leave for the sweet holidays, it does not need to be all that bad. You can also cook up your own Christmas feast and with panache, regardless of the fact that you will be spending it with your roommate. Here are a few tricks to add sparkle to your Christmas with your roommate:

Throw a party

Festivities call for celebrations, does not matter who you spend them with. So put your heads together to throw a party for your friends and colleagues who got left behind by the holiday wagon. Christmas is never complete without decorations so go crazy and pull out your Santa caps, Christmas tree and angels. Treat it like another Halloween party but a merrier version.

Keep it quiet

If you are not a festivities person then that is also fine. Never force yourself to partake in celebrations you don’t feel enthusiastic about. So could make this a holiday for you to lay back, take rest, finish your Netflix list or simply finish a book. Make it your time. The added advantage of winter means you can easily cozy up with hot chocolate and spend time with your roommate.

Secret Santa

Ifyou  share a close bond with your roommate then you can always play secret Santa with them. Get them a gift that fits your budget and is meaningful to them. Alternately you can also get something for the apartment that will be of use for both in the long run.

Make it a time to share

If you are not in the mood to party or go out but also miss being in someone’s company then reach out to your roommate. Make this Christmas a time to bond and share. Lay back together and simply enjoy the holiday differently.

So make this a special time to bond and enjoy your Christmas and enjoyable with your roommate.

Merry Christmas!

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