Lessons to take from FRIENDS during holidays

Friends as a series has remained immortal when I comes to showing its characters celebrating festivities. While it’s Thanksgiving episodes is considered one of its best works, it’s Christmas episodes can’t be ignored either. So here are a few lessons we can all take from Friends when it comes to spending it with our close friends.

It is not only about Santa

Festivals and especially Christmas does not have to be about Jesus and Santa, it can be any God, animal or superhero you want. As long as you enjoy it that is all that counts. Remember how Ross tried to teach Ben about Hanukkah by dressing up as an armadillo?

You can head out for a little sport

While it is that time of the year to remain toasty indoors, you can always head out for a little sport. Recall the epic Geller Vs Geller football matching during Thanksgiving? For fun you can even add a trophy.

It is a time for naps

Good food, a break from work and close friends to be happy with, all of these call for a good long nap. Does not matter who you take it with. Just be happy you did it like Ross and Joey.

They can be lousy and crappy

Holidays are supposed to be merry and gay but that does not mean they can’t be otherwise. There is always a possibility that your plans may go down hill with a dinner consisting of fridge food and not a feast. If it that happens, you must remember Monica’s words, all that matters is that at least you got to spend the shitty Christmas  together with those you love.

Dont have high expectations from gifts

You may be a pro at getting gifts for friends or put in a lot of thoughts, that does not necessarily mean that it will be reciprocated. You might just end up with windshield wipers like the ones Chandler and Joey handed out one Christmas.

Year end holidays are what you make of them. You may go somewhere adventurous or simply end up on your couch. Whatever it is be at peace.

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