5 Easy Book Shelf Arrangements

                               For book lovers, getting lost in the world of words is the best feeling. This experience, however, vaporizes fast when you realize you have too many books and not enough space on your shelf to display them. Nothing hurts your soul more than having to cast them in the dark dungeons of a suitcase to be slowly eaten by moths. You may have lost a few love to this disgraceful ending but a smarter approach to arranging your books can help save the books you fall for in the future from the similar fate. Here are five smart ways of arranging books on your shelf.

1. Create a shade card with the covers
We have forever been told to not judge a book by its cover but when arranging your books, you can always use the color of the cover as cues to arrange them in an order. Start with a lighter shade on one side and then proceed to darker shades. They may not be in absolute gradient progression but you will be surprised at the output.

2. Line up according to height
Books tend to come in varying size and height. You can use it to your advantage in a bookshelf by arranging them in ascending to descending or vice versa.

3. Create a rainbow
When you arrange your booking, it does not always need to have a gradual slope, instead synchronize them like a rainbow. Let one cover flow to another. They create a visual ecstasy for your bookshelf inviting you to explore the world within them.

4. Mix and match arrangements
If you as a reader have varying personalities then it will be reflected in the selection of books you keep on your shelf. Instead of making them all stand upright or sleep horizontally, you can try mixing both arrangements to create breaks in the flow. If you have big compartments on your shelf then use your large photography books to create divisions. If they fit the block, you can even try tilting them diagonally.

5. Add decor items
Decor items are not meant for your walls only; they can also be used smartly on your bookshelf. Add tiny pieces like a toy plane or a small potted plant to add dimension and personality to your shelf.

                                          Every book that comes in your possession holds a sentiment that keeps coming back to you whenever you glance at its cover. So keep relieving those tiny moments of book pleasure by looking at a tidier bookshelf with these arrangements.

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